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Are you looking for free English lessons for advanced learners?

English is a universal language, spoken by millions of people around the world. It is used for communication, business, and education. For those who are advanced English language learners or use English in their jobs, it can be challenging to find resources that will help them improve their language skills. In this blog post, we will introduce a number of resources that provide advanced English lessons online for free.

British Council Learn English

This is a great website for English language learners because it offers a wide range of resources to help learners of all levels to improve their language skills. The website includes interactive exercises, grammar and vocabulary lessons, and listening and reading practice materials. Additionally, LearnEnglish provides free advanced English lessons for those looking to improve their workplace English. Resources in the Business English section of the website include: podcasts, a magazine, corporate training and assessments, and business writing.  Overall, LearnEnglish is a comprehensive resource that can help Advanced English language learners improve their language skills and achieve their language learning goals.

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is a website that offers a variety of resources for English language learners. The website offers news, articles, and videos that are designed to help you improve your listening and reading skills. It also offers a variety of exercises and quizzes that will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. They also have a selection of “hard courses” that are specifically designed for advanced learners.

Daily English Practice

Daily English Practice is a Facebook group where teachers and students post information relating to advanced English topics such as idioms and tricky points of grammar. There are more than eighty thousand members, so it’s a great place to access the expertise of teachers and fellow learners. Members come from countries around the world, which gives the group an interesting international flavor. The content is very visual and can make your time on social media much more valuable.

English For Noobs

English For Noobs offers a variety of free resources for advanced English language learners. In particular, the website has a section dedicated to advanced grammar exercises, which includes a downloadable PDF. offers a variety of exercises and quizzes that are designed to help you improve your grammar skills. It also offers a variety of other advanced activities and an English level test.

Base English

If you are looking for a website that offers free English lessons for advanced learners, then we are happy to inform you that you’ve already arrived! Base English features dozens of advanced level lessons that cover all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Lessons cover every topic imaginable from climate change and the cost of living crisis to the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

Advanced English learners will be exposed to challenging reading texts and vocabulary that will help them to prepare for popular proficiency tests such as TOEIC, IELTS, and the DET (Duolingo English Test). Lessons can be attempted as many times as you like, and feedback is available immediately after submission.

For those who are not sure if the advanced level English lessons available from Base English are suitable, there is a free English level test that will tell you which lessons are most suitable for your current English ability. 

English Listening Lesson Library Online

More commonly know by its abbreviation, ELLLO, English Listening Lesson Library Online is a website that offers over 3000 listening lessons for learners of all levels. Each lesson contains a video, a downloadable audio file, a transcript, an interactive quiz, as well as a downloadable worksheet for offline study. The website is completely free, and the contributors include teachers from all over the world.

Great For Non-Native Accents

ELLLO is a great place to get exposure to a range of different native and non-native English accents. This can be particularly useful anyone who uses English in a professional context and must regularly engage with other non-native English speakers. In fact,  English language learners are much more likely to converse with other non-native speakers than the are with people from the major English-speaking countries.

ELLLO is an outstanding asset for individuals at an advanced stage of English language proficiency. This resource distinguishes itself by presenting a diverse array of free English lessons meticulously crafted for advanced learners, catering to a broad spectrum of linguistic needs.

A noteworthy highlight of ELLLO is its compilation of advanced English audio lessons. These encompass an extensive range of subjects, from everyday dialogues to specialized vocabulary, providing learners with a well-rounded grasp of real-life language scenarios. The audio recordings contain all of the features of authentic speech, which contributes significantly to the development of listening comprehension, a pivotal skill at advanced levels of language learning.

To sum up, ELLLO stands out as an exceptional resource for advanced English language learners by providing challenging and enriching free English lessons. The combination of advanced English audio lessons and the convenience of free downloads establishes ELLLO as the preferred platform for those striving to attain fluency at an advanced level.

Free English Lessons for Advanced Learners – Summary

In summary, there are many free websites that can help advanced English learners improve their language skills. British Council LearnEnglish, BBC Learning English, Daily English Practice, English For Noobs, and English Listening Lesson Library Online are just a few examples. These websites offer a variety of resources that can help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills. So, if you want to improve your English language skills, these websites are a great place to start.


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