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The Spartans (Beginner – A2)

The Spartans - Transcript

The Spartans were a group of people who lived in Greece long ago. They were famous for many things. The Spartans were brave, strong, and good at fighting. They believed that all children, boys and girls, should be healthy and strong. When they were just seven years old, Spartan children were taken from their parents. The children lived together in a special place. All day long, they exercised and studied.
Spartans lived a very simple life. They did not have many things. Their houses had only tables, chairs, and beds. Their clothes and food were simple too.
All Spartan men became soldiers when they turned 20 years old. It was their job to protect Sparta.
There are many books and movies about the Spartans. Many sports teams are also named after the Spartans.

The Spartans - Video

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Fearless Warriors of Ancient Greece

Spartan warrior English Lesson

The Spartans were a group of people who lived a very long time ago in Greece. They were known as brave warriors who lived a unique way of life. The place where they lived was called Sparta. The Spartans were famous for being strong and very strict.

Spartan Childhood

From a very young age, Spartan kids were taught to be strong and fearless. Boys and girls both had tough training. Boys had to go through something called the “Agoge.” This was like a school where they learned to fight, run, and survive in harsh conditions. The Spartans believed in being physically fit and ready for anything.

Famous Battle of Thermopylae

One of the most famous things about the Spartans is their role in the Battle of Thermopylae. Led by a brave king named Leonidas, a small group of Spartans faced a huge army from Persia. Even though they were outnumbered, the Spartans fought with incredible courage. Their bravery is remembered in history, showing how determined and strong they were.

Spartan Society

Sparta was not like other places in Ancient Greece. While other places focused on things like art and philosophy, Spartans were only interested in being warriors. They didn’t use much money and believed in simple living. The leaders of Sparta were chosen based on who was strong and good at fighting.

End of the Spartans

As time went on, the Spartans faced challenges, and their way of life changed. They were eventually conquered by other Greek city-states, and Sparta lost its power. Even though they are not around anymore, the Spartans are remembered for their bravery and unique way of living.


The Spartans were a special group of people in Ancient Greece, known for their courage, strength, and strict way of life. Their story, especially the Battle of Thermopylae, continues to be told, reminding us of a time when these fearless warriors left a lasting mark on history.



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