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Carbon Tax (Intermediate – B1)

Carbon Tax - Transcript

Greenhouse gasses are a big problem. They trap heat in the atmosphere, which is making the earth warmer. What can be done about the problem? One idea is to create a tax on carbon. A carbon tax is a new kind of tax that governments are using to try to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air.
The idea of a carbon tax has been around for some time, but it has recently been getting more support in countries around the world. It is similar to a tax on other products, but it is designed to limit the damage that humans are doing to the planet. A carbon tax makes using coal or oil more expensive than using clean energy like wind or solar. In this way, governments are encouraging people and companies to change their behaviors.
Some countries have hesitated to use a carbon tax because they do not want their citizens paying higher prices for energy. They worry that ordinary people will have less money to spend on food and other necessary items. One interesting idea is to put a tax on large cars with big engines. People will be less likely to buy these big cars, and smaller, more efficient cars will become more popular.
One major benefit of a carbon tax is that it will force many companies to change the way they do things. All businesses must become more sustainable. This means they have to find ways to make things that don’t damage the planet. Many experts believe that a carbon tax is the best way to get people and businesses to help solve the problem of greenhouse gasses.

Carbon Tax - Video

Carbon Tax: Sweden's Green Triumph

In the global fight against climate change, countries are seeking effective solutions. One example of success is Sweden’s decision to apply a carbon tax. Carbon taxes are a way to reduce harmful emissions while creating a green economy.

Understanding Carbon Tax

A carbon tax is a fee that is charged to companies that release greenhouse gases. An example of this would be a company that uses fossil fuels to make something. Sweden introduced this tax as a way to encourage individuals and businesses to reduce activities that contribute to climate change.

Sweden Takes First Step

In the 1990s, Sweden became one of the first countries to use a carbon tax. Instead of punishing people, it encouraged them to make eco-friendly choices. The Swedish government set a price on carbon emissions. This created a reason for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.

Helping the Environment

The carbon tax led to a remarkable drop in Sweden’s carbon emissions. People began using cleaner energy sources, like wind and solar power. Industries changed to become more energy-efficient. This not only helped the environment but also improved air quality, making Sweden a healthier place to live.

Supporting Renewable Energy

Sweden used the money raised from the carbon tax to invest in renewable energy projects. This caused a shift towards cleaner energy. It also created a lot of new jobs in the green sector. This helped the country’s economy.

Public Support

The success of Sweden’s carbon tax was only possible because it had the support of the people. Instead of facing resistance, the Swedish public welcomed the idea of creating a healthier planet. This positive attitude made it easier for the government to introduce the carbon tax.


Sweden’s experience with a carbon tax shows that fighting climate change can be positive for society and the economy. By creating a system that encourages positive environmental choices and investing in a green future, Sweden has become a role model for other nations in the effort to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

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