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The Smartest Chimp (Beginner – A1)

The Smartest Chimp - Transcript

Ayumu is a chimpanzee. He lives in Japan. When he was four years old, he took a test. Three other chimps and some people took the test too. Ayumu was smarter than the other chimps. He was smarter than the people too. The test was very difficult. Some numbers appeared on a computer screen. After a minute, the numbers disappeared. Ayumu had to remember the numbers. He did very well. He remembered more than the other chimps and the people. Many people think that humans are better than animals in every way. But this is not true. Sometimes animals can surprise us. Animals are often faster and stronger. Animals are often better jumpers and swimmers. They can also dig and climb better than most humans can. Sometimes they are even smarter.

The Smartest Chimp - Video

The Clever Chimpanzees

The smartest chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are very clever animals. They live in Africa and share about 98% of their DNA with humans. They are more similar to us than any other animal.

Learning Skills

Chimpanzees are excellent learners. They watch and copy what others do. Just like us, they use tools. For example, they might use a stick to get tasty ants or termites to eat. This shows they can think and plan.


Chimpanzees talk to each other in a special way. They use sounds, gestures, and even facial expressions. This helps them share information and feelings. They become closer to each other through their unique forms of communication.

Memory Masters

Chimpanzees have impressive memories. They can remember where to find food and recall faces. This helps them survive in the wild. Sometimes they can remember things better than humans can.

Problem Solvers

Chimpanzees are great at solving problems. If there’s a puzzle or a difficult situation, they use their brains to figure things out. This is one reason why scientists study them – to learn more about how clever creatures think.

Tool Time

Chimpanzees not only use tools but also make them. They might break a stick to make it just the right size for a particular job. This shows they don’t just copy; they invent!


In the world of animals, chimpanzees are special. Their ability to learn, communicate, remember, solve problems, and use tools makes them fascinating creatures. Scientists continue to discover new things about these amazing animals. They show us that intelligence isn’t just a human quality – it’s something shared by many animals, including chimpanzees.

The Smartest Chimp - Video Gap Fill

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