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It Looks Delicious (Beginner – A2)

It Looks Delicious - Transcript

Woman: Wow! Your lunch looks delicious. What is it?
Man:       It’s leftover pasta. I made it last night. Would you like to try some?
Woman: Yes please! I love Italian food.
Man:       Here you are. How is it?
Woman: It’s wonderful. The sauce is creamy, and a little spicy.
Man:      It’s my special recipe. I’ve been working on it for a long time.
Woman: Well it’s definitely a success. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something so delicious. I had no idea you were such a good cook.
Man:      Thanks. My grandmother taught me. She had her own little restaurant in the village where I grew up.

How to talk about food in English

People talking about food in a restaurant

Food Adjectives: Describing Flavors and Textures

When talking about food in English, it’s helpful to use adjectives to express flavors and textures. Here are some common adjectives to describe food:

Sweet: Sugary and pleasant, like chocolate or candy.
Salty: Tasting of salt, like potato chips or pretzels.
Spicy: Having a strong, hot flavor, like curry or hot sauce.
Sour: Tangy or tart, like lemons or certain fruits.
Bitter: Having a strong, sometimes unpleasant taste, like dark chocolate or black coffee.
Creamy: Smooth and rich, like ice cream or mashed potatoes.
Crunchy: Making a crisp sound when bitten, like chips or fresh vegetables.
Juicy: Moist and flavorful, like a ripe piece of fruit.

Expressions for Talking About Food

1. It’s delicious!
Use this expression when you really enjoy the taste of the food.

2. I love the flavor.
Express your admiration for the specific taste of a dish.

3. This is my favorite!
Use when you have a special fondness for a particular food.

4. It’s a little too salty/spicy/sweet.
If the food has too much of a certain taste, politely express your opinion.

5. The texture is amazing.
Comment on the feel or consistency of the food.

6. I’m not a fan of bitter/sour flavors.
Share your preference regarding specific tastes.

7. The presentation is beautiful.
Acknowledge the visual appeal of the dish.

8. Can I have the recipe?
If you enjoy a homemade dish, ask for the recipe to try it yourself.

Talking over a table of food

Common Phrases for Ordering Food

1. I would like…
Use this phrase when telling the waiter what you want to order.

2. Can I get…?
– Another way to ask for something when ordering.

3. I’ll have…
A polite way to state your order.

4. Could you please bring me…?
A polite request for the waiter to bring you something specific.

5. May I have the bill, please?
When you’re ready to pay, use this phrase to ask for the bill.


Remember, practicing these expressions and adjectives will make it easier to communicate about food in English. Whether you’re describing your favorite dish or ordering a meal at a restaurant, using these phrases will improve your communication skills and make your conversations more enjoyable.



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