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Boxing Day (Intermediate – B1)

Boxing Day - Transcript

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th, the day after Christmas. It originated in the United Kingdom and spread to various countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Unlike Christmas, which focuses on giving gifts to friends and family, Boxing Day is about kindness and generosity to others. The name “Boxing Day” comes from the tradition of giving boxes of food, clothing, and other necessities to those in need. People also show appreciation to service workers, like mail carriers and garbage collectors, with small gifts or tips. While it’s not as widely celebrated as Christmas, Boxing Day is a time for spreading goodwill and helping those less fortunate.

Boxing Day - Video

Origins of Boxing Day: A Historical Tradition

Boxing Day charity

Early Beginnings

Boxing Day is a tradition with a long history. It began in England, but the exact origins are not known. Historians believe the tradition dates back hundreds of years.

The Box Tradition

Long ago, churches placed special boxes near their entrances to collect donations for the poor. On the day after Christmas, these boxes were opened, and the contents were distributed to those in need. This act of charity and generosity was the beginning of Boxing Day.

Servants and Employers

In the 17th century, Boxing Day changed slightly. It became a day for employers to give “Christmas boxes” to their servants or employees. These boxes usually contained food, money, or small gifts to show appreciation for the year’s work. This tradition helped to make strong relationships between employers and their staff.

Fox Hunting

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Boxing Day changed again. In some places, the day became connected with another tradition, fox hunting. Wealthy landowners would give boxes of leftover food and gifts to their servants, and then the day was spent chasing foxes across the countryside. While these traditions are no longer common, the idea of giving and sharing around Christmas continues.

Modern Adaptations

As time passed, Boxing Day changed yet again. This time into a holiday filled with shopping, family gatherings, and, in recent years, sports events. The tradition of giving to those less fortunate, however, remains a important. In the United Kingdom and other countries that, acts of charity remain important.


Though the traditions of Boxing Day have shifted over the centuries, its origins in charity, generosity, and expressions of gratitude continue. From the church donation boxes to the modern-day exchange of gifts, Boxing Day remains a time of giving and sharing during the holiday season.



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