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Father Christmas (Beginner – A2)

Father Christmas – Transcript

Everywhere you look during the month of December, you will see images of a special Christmas character. Can you guess who it is? Children believe that he will bring them many presents on Christmas morning.
Small children tell Father Christmas, also known as Santa Claus, exactly what presents they would like to receive. They can write him a letter with a list of requests or they can visit him personally in one of the large department stores in the weeks before Christmas. On the night of December 24th, Father Christmas travels through the sky on a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer and delivers presents to children across the world. How does he enter the children’s houses? He comes down the chimney, of course!

Father Christmas - Video

Father Christmas - Video Gap Fill

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The Story of Father Christmas

Father Christmas - Santa Clause

The story of Father Christmas, also known as Santa Claus, has been told by people for a very long time. Children love to hear about the happy, magical man who visits homes around the world, delivering presents. Let’s find out more about where this famous character comes from and how he has changed over the years. 

Long, Long Ago: The Beginning of Saint Nicholas

Father Christmas’s story starts a very long time ago with a man called Saint Nicholas. He was a kind bishop in ancient Greece who liked helping others. People say he secretly gave gold coins to those who needed help, and that’s how the tradition of giving gifts began.

Santa’s New Look

The Santa Claus we know today came from a poem written in 1822. The poem is called “A Visit from St. Nicholas” or “The Night Before Christmas.” The author, Clement Clarke Moore, told a story about Santa in a sleigh with reindeer, going down chimneys to leave gifts. This is where we got the idea of Santa being a happy, chubby man with a long beard and a big smile.

Coca-Cola’s Santa

In the 1930s, a company called Coca-Cola changed how Santa looked. An artist named Haddon Sundblom drew pictures of Santa in Coca-Cola ads. He made Santa wear a red suit, and this became the popular image of Santa that we see today.

Santa Everywhere

Father Christmas is loved by children all around the world, and different countries call him different names, like Père Noël in France or Babbo Natale in Italy. But no matter where you are, Santa is a symbol of joy and kindness.

Santa Today

Now, in our modern world, we can follow Santa’s journey on the internet. Kids can see where he is on Christmas Eve using online trackers. People share pictures and stories of Santa on social media, keeping the magic of Santa alive in new and fun ways. 

One of the most interesting new traditions is to make personalized video messages from Santa Claus using AI. These videos look very really, and because parent enter information about their children, it seems that Santa know a lot about them and what they want for Christmas.

Modern Sant Claus


In the end, the story of Father Christmas is a wonderful tale of happiness, giving, and joy. From the old stories of Saint Nicholas to the Santa we know today, this is a story that makes the holiday season special. Let’s enjoy the magic of Father Christmas and the joy he brings to everyone, young and old.



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