Modern Christmas (Beginner – A2)

Modern Christmas – Transcript

Christmas can mean different things to different people. For many people it means eating a lot, spending time with family and visiting relatives and friends. For children it often means presents, presents and more presents!
It’s very common to send Christmas cards to friends, family, colleagues, classmates and neighbors in the weeks before December 25th. Christmas is traditionally a time for helping other people and giving money to charities. Many people send charity cards, where a percentage of the price of each card goes to charity. People send fewer cards than in the past. These days many people send Christmas greetings by email or via Facebook.
Christmas presents are reserved for close friends and family. The custom of giving Christmas gifts comes from the story of the Three Wise Men, who gave gifts to the baby Jesus. Popular presents for young people in recent years include a smartphone, a Playstation and 80s retro fashion.

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Celebrating Modern Christmas

Modern Christmas tree

Although Christmas has been around for a long time, the holiday is always changing. Old traditions disappear and new ones take their place. Some traditions that seem very old, for example, the character of Santa Claus, are actually quite new additions to the celebration of Christmas. Here are some things that people commonly do as a part of their modern Christmas celebrations. 

Sending Digital Cards

Christmas cards have been around for a long time, but these days there is a modern alternative. Now, saying “Merry Christmas” is easy with online cards. You can send them by email, making it quick and special, bringing joy to friends and family.

Party Time at Work

Christmas office parties are not just about decorations and treats. They are also about having fun with coworkers. Teams play games and celebrate together, making everyone happy. Nearly every office will have some sort of party during the Christmas season. Sometimes these parties take place in the office, and sometimes they happen in bars, restaurants, or hotel conference rooms. 

Shopping Online for Gifts

Christmas shopping used to involve going to shopping malls or special Christmas markets. But these days shopping for Christmas gifts has changed. Now, you can buy presents online without going to crowded stores. It’s easy, and you can find lots of choices on the internet.

Modern Christmas music

Christmas Music Everywhere

Traditionally, Christmas music was sung by a choir, and performances were in churches or other public places. All that changed when popular musicians began recording Christmas music. First radio, then television, now the internet… Christmas music is everywhere, and it’s easy for people to access their favorite Christmas music wherever they are.  Listening to Christmas music is fun and makes people feel happy during the holiday season.

The King’s Speech

In the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, the King’s (or Queen’s) speech is a special Christmas tradition. Every year, many people look forward to this special about the year that has passed and the year yet to come. People everywhere listen and feel connected through this speech.


Christmas today is different, but it’s still special. We send greetings online, have fun at work parties, buy gifts on the internet, listen to Christmas music, and hear a special speech. Even as things change, the happy feeling of Christmas stays the same.






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