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Viral Videos (Beginner – A2)

Viral Videos - Transcript

A viral video is a video that becomes popular through Internet sharing, usually through video sharing websites such as YouTube. It is called a viral video because it spreads from person to person much like a virus.
Viral videos may be serious, but they are most often entertaining or humorous. One of the most viral videos of all time was a music video by a Korean pop star. The video was called “Gangnam Style” and included humorous scenes and funny dancing.
Sometimes people become famous after appearing in viral videos. This is not always good. Some young people in viral videos became the victims of bullying. In some places it is illegal to post videos of someone without their permission.

Viral Videos - Video

Viral Videos - Video Gap Fill

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Exploring the World of Viral Videos

In our digital world, videos are everywhere. Many people spend hours each day watching YouTube or other streaming services. Most of the videos on these sites are watched by only a small number of people, but some of them become “viral” and are watched by millions of people. These videos bring joy and laughter to people everywhere. Viral videos are almost always short, funny or heartwarming, and quickly become famous across the internet. Here is a list of some of the most popular viral videos that have spread smiles worldwide.

1. Charlie Bit My Finger

One of the earliest viral sensations, “Charlie Bit My Finger,” features two adorable brothers. In the video, the younger brother, Charlie, playfully bites his older brother’s finger, creating a moment that has been watched by millions.

2. Gangnam Style

No list of viral videos is complete without mentioning “Gangnam Style” by Psy. This South Korean music video became a global phenomenon with its catchy tune and funny dance moves. It not only went viral but also became the first YouTube video to pass one billion views, making it a part of internet history.

3. Double Rainbow

A simple video of a man marveling at a double rainbow turned into a global sensation. His genuine excitement and awe over the natural phenomenon appealed to viewers, making “Double Rainbow” a viral hit.

4. David After Dentist

“Is this real life?” A little boy, still groggy from dental anesthesia, asks this question in “David After Dentist.” His adorable confusion and innocent questions became an instant hit, making everyone laugh.

5. Sneezing Baby Panda

In the “Sneezing Baby Panda” video, a baby panda startles itself with a sneeze, capturing a moment of surprise that melted hearts worldwide. The adorable panda’s reaction made this video a favorite among animal lovers.

6. Evolution of Dance

In “Evolution of Dance,” a man showcases dance moves from different eras. This energetic and entertaining performance became a viral sensation, demonstrating the universal language of dance that spans generations.

Why We Love Viral Videos

Viral videos bring people together, creating shared moments of joy and laughter. They remind us that, in this vast world, simple and genuine moments can connect us all. So, the next time you come across a viral video, take a moment to enjoy the simple joy it brings to people everywhere.



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